Hey!  Welcome to the 2 Week Workout Plan Day 1.  This is going to be a great 2 Week workout plan that you can use to start toning and incorporate into your current workout regimen.  If you are a beginner this is perfect for you, if you are not new to weight lifting this is perfect for you as well.  I will take you through each exercise everyday and provide a video and pictures to follow along with as well.  I will also provide a meal plan guide for anyone who may be in need of a little assistance with their nutrition.  Remember, we all start at our own level and our bodies are all different, so your results are what you make of them.. I can only give you the information, it is up to you to do the work. Make sure to always consult a Physician before starting any new programs.  So lets gets started today with this 2 Week workout plan!

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2 Week Workout Plan: Day 1 Video

2 Week Workout Plan Day 1: Shoulders, Back, Abs

4 sets: 15 Reps Each Exercise
Weekly workout Plan

Printable workout Day 1 shoulders back abs

Meal Plan-1250 calories

  • Breakfast-1/4 cup oatmeal measured dry, 1 scoop protein powder with water
  • Lunch-2/3 cup lentils, 3 oz roasted chicken breast, 10 asparagus spears, 1.5 cups melon
  • Dinner-3 oz white fish, 2 cups broccoli w/ 2tsp butter
  • snack-1 string cheese, 1 scoop protein powder with water, 1 medium apple