Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What type of pre-workout do you use?

I like the brand Dymatize and the product is called Pursuit. It gives you just the right amount of energy, without causing you to feel anxious, have a rapid heart rate, or cause a big crash when it get through your system.

What type of protein do you use?

I use the brand Dymatize and the product is called ISO 100, it is a fast acting protein that is delivered to the muscles quickly after you have torn them down through weight lifting. I also use MHP (maximum human performance) Probolic-SR 12 hour muscle feeder.  I take this at night before I go to bed to help build muscle and improve muscle with amino acids while sleeping.

What supplements do you recommend taking or do you take?

I take glutamine, BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids), Kre-Alkalyn, and a multi vitamin. For the BCAA’s I use the brand Scivation and the product is called XTEND, it is powder form I mix with my water. 

How can I print off the workout to take it to the gym with me?

For each workout there is a print button that will allow you to click on and print the workout off to take with you.

How long do you rest between sets?

The rest between sets can vary depending on you. I like to take about 30-40 seconds, but if you need more you can take it.  I try not to let myself rest to long and disrupt the flow of the exercise and workout.

Can I do cardio before lifting weights, or break my cardio sessions up?

I choose to do cardio after I lift weights because I want as much energy I can have to lift strong and push myself without sacrificing form and preventing injury. I feel if I do cardio first I use a lot of my energy up and cannot lift as well, with that said, you can do whatever works best for you. 

Why do you drink your protein shake right after you lift weights?

Drinking protein right after you lift is important because it feeds your muscles and begins the repair process from the mico tears we have created while lifting and contracting the muscles.

Do you have a meal plan to go with the workout?

There are meal plans that will correspond with the workouts that can be purchased separately from the premium content that is available to purchase.

What is the correct amount of weight I should be lifting?

There is no scientific formula for the correct amount of weight you should be lifting or start with. A few rules to go from to determine where to start are first: if you have never lifted weights before just pick up a few different weights and see how they feel.  Try and do a bicep curl for instance and see if you are able to do it with ease or if you struggle to get the movement done.  If you do it with too much ease where you swing the weight up and it almost hits you in the head, you should probably try the next heavier weight up, if you cannot get it up without compromising on your form or having someone help you, you should opt for a lighter weight.  This is just a weight guage to go from.  Second: if you lift weights and don’t know if you should increase your weight, try it, and make sure you don’t compromise your form. If you are able to do all the reps in a set with the new weight then you are ready.  Remember everyone is different so don’t compare yourself to your friend, or others in the gym.

I am new to working out, what program should I start with?

If you are new to working out begin with one of my free workout programs to help you get familiar with weights, weight machines, and good form as you gain and build your strength. Then you will be able to move forward with the Premium content that helps build off of what you have started and are now comfortable with.  Each workout will have videos and instructions on how to do each exercise in that particular program to educate, motivate and guide you in becoming a healthier and fitter you.

How do bookmarks work?
To use a bookmark, simply click the “+ Add to” button that is located above the comments area on each page.

How do I register for a premium workout?
To register for a premium workout, please follow the steps below:
1. Register with a user name and password.
2. You will then get an email confirmation link with a password. Please confirm the password by clicking the blue button or change the password to something familiar.
3. Login to here
4. Purchase your workout. Note that you will have access to all premium workouts per month.

How do I cancel?
To cancel the subscription agreement with Fitness Food Diva, log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile page, and click My Money, then click the update link besides My Preapproved Payments. There you will see a Shannon JOhannson. Please click to see the details. From there, please click the cancel link and the subscription will be cancelled.