NEW! 60 Day Challenge



Welcome to the 60 Day Challenge!  I am super excited about this workout program and know it will get you on your way to looking and feeling amazing.  This 60 Day Challenge is packed full of intensity and made to burn fat, build muscle and challenge yourself during every workout.  Each day will consist of only 30 minutes of cardio, so you won’t be in the gym for hours.  You will get in, hammer through a tough workout, get your cardio done and be on your way.  This program alternates between pyramid sets and sets of 15 reps.  Guaranteed not to get bored and always prepared for your workout each day.  Take this 60 Day Challenge and push yourself, set a goal to work hard and finish stronger, leaner, and with a better outlook on all you have accomplished.  I know you will be amazed what you can do for yourself in just 60 Days. 

60 Days of Muscle Building, Fat Blasting Workouts

  • Downloadable or Printable format to use whenever/wherever you want (Computer, Cell Phone, Ipad, Tablet)
  • Pictures for helpful visualization
  • Buy once and have forever
  • Easy to follow workouts

  • Recommended Cardio Routines



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