Ok HEERREEE we go again!!  28 Days 2 Shred!!!  We are going to work lift, pull, extend and push ourselves to our limits with each day of this 28 Day workout program  It’s a little shorter of a program, but don’t let that fool you.  It will still require hard work, dedication, and lots of sweating.  I hope you will all enjoy as much as I do.  A few things different in this program than in the others is going to be the sets and rep counts, plus the cardio is going to build up to an hour.  Don’t freak out and worry about that right now because again, as in the workouts I have done you can ALWAYS make them work for you and your schedule.  So let’s get started.  Today we are starting with back and biceps, but let me explain the way this works.  For each exercise there will be 3 sets.  The sets will go like this:  set 1: 5 reps (heavy) rest 30 seconds,  set 2: 5 reps (pause for 10 seconds) go right into 10 reps (heavy) rest for 30 seconds,  set 3: 5 reps(pause 10 seconds) 10 reps(pause 10 seconds) 15 reps done.  Then you will move right into your next exercise and do exactly the same thing.  So you are only resting between sets, and pausing slightly between reps in each set.  Today we will end with 45 minutes of cardio staying at a constant, but challenging pace on the treadmill.  Make sure to stay hydrated, BCAA’s are a great way to do that.  Also make sure to drink a post  workout shake right after lifting just before cardio.  I mix my protein with water so it isn’t to heavy in my stomach and I mix my whey protein with casein so it stays with me longer fueling my muscles.  You can also use some type of pre workout drink if you need too, I always try and drink mine on the way to the gym so I am ready to go when I get there.  Time to Shred!

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I hope you had a great first day of this 28 Days 2 Shred, I know I did. Thanks for joining me, now go get some fuel for that body and remember to feed your body not your face. 🙂

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