I am SO happy to be BACK!! My last 9 months have been happily consumed with my first Pregnancy and I loved every minute of seeing my body transform.  With this transformation I stayed true to my workouts and healthy living, but within moderation.  I still lifted and did cardio everyday, but went a little lighter on my weights.  I made sure to talk to my Doctor about working out and was given the green light.  Pregnancy is an amazing journey and working out can make it “easier” during delivery and recovery.  I however was diagnosed with IUGR so ended up having an unexpected C-Section (you can read about that in my recent post), but I was back doing light weights and mild cardio within 2 weeks of delivery.   I want to share with you part of my Pregnancy workout journey, but keep in mind to ALWAYS consult your Physician first and always listen to your body.  If you are new to working out this is a great way to get started, or if you are a veteran in the gym you can still do this workout, but crank up the weight for each exercise.  Either way you will love working out wether Pregnant or not..  So today we have DAY 1, SHOULDERS.  For this entire week we will be doing Pyramid sets, meaning we will do 15, 20,25,20,15 reps for each exercise.  I ended each workout with 30 minutes of cardio, either running or climbing stairs.  Once finding out I was Pregnant I stopped all supplements except my Pre-natal Vitamin and BCAA’s.  No Kre-Alkalyne, Pre-Workout, glutamine ect.  I still did my post workout Protein Shake after lifting before cardio, but if you can’t drink it before cardio make sure to drink it as soon as you are done.  Have a great workout, and go “Bump This!”

Day 1 shoulders blog

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