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Disclaimer: Individual results vary from person to person. Please contact a physician to ensure physical activity is right for you.

10 Weeks to Fit

If you are looking for a Workout Program that will help you build lean muscle and work each muscle group hard once a week, this program is for you.  It is a challenging 10 Week Program that will give you 2 days of Active rest and 5 days of training.  This 10 Week Program puts you through pyramid sets, supersets and keeps you active 7 days a week. This is a great Program for you if you have been working out and familiar with weight training or a great workout to do with a friend or spouse.  Your meal planning will be crucial in during this 10 Week Program to help facilitate the changes you want to see.  I recommend my 2000 calorie Meal Plan in conjunction with this Program to keep your goals on track.  You can get a free trial of DAY 1 (only), but I know you will love the results you get after the 10 Weeks.


8 Week Body Transformation

The 8 Week Workout Program focuses on strength and building muscle (ladies that doesn’t mean you will bulk up).  This program consists of lower reps and heavier weights to really push and challenge your self.  You will lift heavy 4 days a week and have 3 days of active rest (cardio only).  This is a great Program to use if you have been working out and want to push yourself even more or jumpstart your workouts. For this program I recommend the 1750 calorie Meal Plan to keep those muscles fueled.

6 Weeks Summertime Slim Down

The 6 Week Summertime Slim Down is a program that is good for those of you who are beginning to work out or have just gotten started.  It is a good Program to get familiar with the gym and focuses on a quicker workout program to help tone and strengthen your muscles.  This Program will get you ready for a longer more intense workout program or will help you maintain what you already have.  This is a program you can do several times a year to keep up on your muscle tone.  Your meal planning will also be a huge contributor in how your workouts are and overall results will be.  For this program I recommend the 1500 calorie Meal Plan.  


5 Weeks to Get Fit Challenge

5 Weeks to Get Fit Challenge is for anyone!  It really puts the ball in your court to lift hard for 5 weeks.  It is a challenge, and is meant to challenge yourself to really load on the weight and hammer out those reps. It is a great workout to do with a friend and see how far you can push each other.  The entire 5 weeks is meant to work harder each week and see how far you have come at the end of the challenge.  I love this workout because it is short, yet effective.  It will help you gain strength, burn calories and add muscle.  For your meal planning I would recommend the 1500 calories or 1250 meal plan. 

30 Day Fitness Challenge

This 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a great workout program for everyone. You will never be bored and each week you will be challenged with new sets and reps so your muscles don’t get use to do the same thing.  5 days a week you will be hitting the weights and doing cardio, 2 day of the week you will be doing cardio only.  The workouts are clearly laid out with pictures and a video guiding you through each day.  This program can be used and incorporated into your workout regimen as often as you want it too.   

28 Days to Shred

28 Days to Shred is a great beginner workout program that will guide you into your new workout endeavors.   This workout gets you use to doing sets and reps and is designed to help you get through your workouts quickly.   You have 4 days of lifting weights and 3 days of active rest (cardio only).  You will generally work two body parts a day and follow up with cardio.  Anyone who is looking to get started in the gym or wants to get his or her feet wet in the workout world this is the workout program for you.  Making your meal planning a priority will help ensure you get the most out of your workouts and the best results you can get.  I recommend the 1250 calorie meal Plan for this 28 Day Program.


5 Week Bump This Workout

5 Week Bump This Workout is my Pregnancy workout Program that takes you through 5 weeks of training for those of you who are pregnant or for those of you who are just starting out with weights and working out.  You don’t have to be pregnant to use this workout, but if you are it is a fun 5 weeks to stay fit and healthy for yourself and your baby.  I have to mention that you should NOT do any type of workout program if you are pregnant without consulting your Doctor first.  During the 5 weeks we lift weights using Pyramid sets and do 30 minutes of cardio.  It will definitely keep you toned and active and get you excited to move to another program or continue to do throughout your pregnancy.   If you are not pregnant and just starting out you will love this workout too.  Also if you are NOT pregnant it is a great program to go along with the 1250 or 1500 meal plan program.


5 Day Fat Blaster

5 Days, and 5 workouts that will make you sweat and feel the burn.  This 5 Day Fat Blaster works your entire body, your abs, and doesn’t let you miss your cardio.   It is a great program to take with you on vacation or to incorporate into what you are already doing.  To top off the entire week you can either rest on days 6 & 7 or just do your cardio, but your muscles will definitely want the rest.  Try it today and start your way to Fat Blasting.