Frustrated with your workouts? Not sure what to do or where to start? Lost as what you should be eating to meet your health and fitness goals?

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Free Back Workout 2

Hey Guys… Today was Back Day so I wanted to share my workout with you.  Today I did a lot of reps, kept the weight semi heavy.  Just enough to challenge myself, but not compromise on form and technique.  For each exercise I increased my reps...
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Free Triceps and Bicep Workout

HI Everyone!  Welcome to my Triceps and Biceps Workout of the Day.  If you have done any of my other free workouts I have implemented Supersets, and today we will be doing the same thing.  I love supersets they get your workout done effectively...
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Free Chest Workout

I will say this over and over again.. “DON’T SKIP YOUR CHEST WORKOUT!”  Your Chest muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the upper body and in order to gain lean muscle and burn fat and calories we need to work ALL the muscles in...
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Free Triceps Workout

Here is my Tuesday Triceps Day!  I used a few different variations for a few of the exercises today, utilizing the cable and bench.  You don’t have to use them when you go through this workout so you can do regular flat bench barbell skull...
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Free Leg Workout

Hey Guys!  Today I wanted to share the Leg Workout I just finished doing in case you were in need of a daily workout.  Today I did some great leg exercises and followed it up with some abs and cardio.  This Leg workout is great to do whenever you...
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Free Back/Bicep Workout

Today I did a great Back and Bicep Workout that I think would be perfect for you to add to your weekly workout program.  If you have never done Supersets, today is the day.  A superset consists of two different exercises and moving from one exercise to...
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Free Shoulder Workout

Here is a great workout I just finished today for you to do and challenge yourself.  This workout will help you keep on your fitness goals and will take the thinking out of your workout for the day.  I will guide you through the workout with a video and...
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6 Weeks Summertime Slim Down: Day 6 – Legs

Today is Day 6, and we are working our legs!  Today we have 5 exercises and each exercise we will hammer out 4 sets of 15 reps.  So try and push yourself and really add the weight to train hard.  We will end with doing ab twists and cardio....
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Loaded Oatmeal Cookies

These Loaded Oatmeal Cookies are bursting with warm dark chocolate and full of goodness.  So easy and quick to make no one will know they only have 73 calories per delicious cookie.      Cookies are such a fun thing to make and what I love is...
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Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms and Asparagus

Make dinner delicious, fast, and healthy without compromising on taste!  This Balsamic Chicken with Mushrooms and Asparagus will be addition to your dinner table any night of the week It has been a long time since I posted a recipe blog post, but I am excited...
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Lasagna Cups

Warm, cheesy, and healthy are a perfect way to describe one of lives most loved meals, LASAGNA! I have know doubt that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy every bite of these adorable mini Lasagna Cups. Lasagna is one of my families favorite dinner...
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