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Get the Warrior FITNESS Combo Pack including both the Warrior Ripped Program (WRP) & Warrior Shred Program (WSP).  

Warrior Ripped Program (WRP) – is a 9 week program that will have you kicking butt and taking names.  I love this program, it is one of my favorites and one that I go back to time and time again to tone, tighten, lift, shed and get ripped.  If you are looking for something to do in the gym for the next 9 weeks then look know further!  The WRP is calling your name.  This program will have you cranking out so many different combinations of sets and reps your body will never get used to it and will keep trying to adjust, but the next day you will be back at it confusing your muscles to get the results you are hoping for.  This workout got me back in shape after having my baby 7 months ago and I know whatever your needs are you will find it here.  This program comes with several meal plans to choose from if you don’t already have one to follow, because I can’t stress enough how important your nutrition is when working hard and wanting results.  Each day comes with an explanation of the workout, pictures to guide you and a clear description of the workout itself. Get started today, you will thank yourself in 9 weeks.  

Warrior Shred Program – is an 8 week program that just like my Warrior Ripped Program (WRP) will have you kicking butt and taking names. This program is 8 Weeks and will have you stronger, toned, and feeling like your best self.  The idea behind the Warrior Shred is to do lower reps, but increase the weights to burn through calories and fat while building lean muscle.  Each day will challenge you and keep you coming back for more.  Change does not happen over night, but if you put in these 8 Weeks of intense weight and cardio training and follow one of the meal plans I provide (because your nutrition is over half the battle)  you will be a whole new you.  The Warrior Shred Program is different from the Warrior Ripped Program that was 9 weeks, so if you liked the Warrior Ripped you will love the Warrior Shred.  So ask yourself….What is holding me back?  Is this the workout for me?  Can I do it?  The answer is of course you can do it, and I provide all the workouts and pictures to guide you through, so there are NO excuses.   Get started today, you will thank yourself in 8 weeks.  

The WRP & WSP include:

  • Almost 20 Weeks of Muscle Building, Fat Blasting Workouts
  • Downloadable or Printable format to use whenever/wherever you want (Computer, Cell Phone, Ipad, Tablet)
  • Pictures for helpful visualization
  • 3 Free Meal Plans for your choosing ($120 value)
  • Buy once and have forever
  • Easy to follow workouts

  • Recommended Cardio Routines



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