Today is my Back and Bicep Day!  I love to combine two body parts during my workout and today my Back and Biceps got worked.  I did 4 sets of each exercise and my reps were in ladder form.  For Back I worked down the ladder and started with 25 reps and finished with 15 reps, trying to add weight as I decreased my reps.  Then for Biceps I worked up the ladder, starting at 15 reps and finishing off with 25 reps.  I started off heavy and tried to keep that weight as long as I could up the ladder.  If I needed to decrease the weight a bit to get through the reps without compromising on form and function I did.  Make sure that when you do the last bicep exercise you don’t extend your range all the way down.  Only go halfway and then come back up, squeezing that bicep.  

Have a great Workout! 🙂