Today’s Back Workout is a good one!  Well they are all good, it is just a little different in a great way.  Today as I worked my back for each exercise and for EACH rep I held and contracted the muscles I was working for that particular exercise.  So for example the first exercise I did was Close Grip Lat Pulldowns, so as I pulled the weight down I concentrated on pulling only with my lats and squeezing and holding the contraction at the bottom for a 3 second count and then released slowly.  Each time you do this you will start to feel the mind muscle connection and really be able to isolate the muscles you are working, rather than just using momentum or incorrect form to do your reps.  This is a great workout and my back is still feeling the burn.  You will really work your tail off on this workout so drink plenty of water or BCAA’s and get a good source of protein in after your workout!.   Don’t cheat yourself, make every rep count,

Commit 2B Fit!