Today is Chest and Biceps Day!  Thanks for joining me and I hope you feel inspired to work hard.  Today we are going to be doing 4 sets of each exercise, but they are going to be drop sets.  So the First Set looks like this: Set 1: 15 reps heavy, drop the weight (slightly lighter) and do 12 reps, drop the weight again and do 10 reps, drop the weight one final time and finish strong doing 8 reps.  That all equals ONE SET all done WITHOUT resting.  Once that sequence is done, rest for about 1 minute and hammer through that same sequence 3 more times, then move on to the next exercise.  I know using plates it is harder to do drop sets if you are by yourself, but you can do it and it will feel great accomplishing a great workout.  You will do those same drop sets for both chest and biceps.  Work hard, challenge yourself and try and encourage a friend to workout with you!  Have a great workout!