I will say this over and over again.. “DON’T SKIP YOUR CHEST WORKOUT!”  Your Chest muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the upper body and in order to gain lean muscle and burn fat and calories we need to work ALL the muscles in our body.  Ladies, I am talking to you right now, chest workouts are not just for the guys.  They help us so much with daily tasks and overall function in our daily lives.  It may not be something you are wild about working, but it definietly is important and needs to be done.  Having amazing chest  muscles looks so good in our summertime clothes, bathing suits, etc, so don’t skip your chest!  Today I didn’t do a lot of reps, but I concentrated on lifting heavy and really pushing through those chest muscles for every rep.   You don’t have to work your chest muscles if you don’t want, but you will be missing out!


Free Chest Workout Printable Version:

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