Here is my Tuesday Triceps Day!  I used a few different variations for a few of the exercises today, utilizing the cable and bench.  You don’t have to use them when you go through this workout so you can do regular flat bench barbell skull crushers, and seated single dumbbell overhead triceps extensions.  I just like to switch things up sometimes.  Today I did 5 sets of each exercise which consisted of pyramid reps of 20,30,40,30,20.  This means that set #1 is 20 reps, set #2 is 30 reps, set #3 is 40 reps, set #4 is 30reps, and set #5 is 20 reps.. THATS IT.  You DO NOT go through that 5 times, only once.  Keep moving between sets only giving yourself about 30 seconds to stretch and rest.  It is a fast paced workout meant to get you in and out and burn those triceps up!  


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