Ok guys, today I have put together a fun Leg workout that is going to make you sweat and get that heart rate pumping and the best part is that you can do it at HOME with just using your own body weight.  The only equipment needed is a timer, a mat or towel and some water or BCAA’s.  We will be doing 5 leg exercises and 2 ab exercises and a total of 4 sets.  We are going to do each exercise for 1 minute without stopping so work hard and get as many reps in as you can.  Once you finish the first exercise for 1 minute, move right into the second exercise and do it for 1 minute then move to the third, fourth, fifth and ab exercises all for 1 minute each.  That will equal 1 set and you will be doing 4 sets total. After you have fully completed one set, take a 60 -90 second rest, get some water then start up with set #2 and do it all over agin.  Have fun, work hard and get those legs pumped up.