HI Everyone, and thanks for joining me for the workout of the day.  Today is a great Leg Day!  If you did my last daily workout you will remember we did the rest-pause technique and worked the negatives, well we are going to be doing that again today particularly with the Leg press, Leg extension, Single leg hamstring curls, and the Sissy squats.  So to work the negative means you don’t hurry and bring your legs back to the starting point of the exercise.  You need to slowly return the legs, making them work on the way down.  This really helps to isolate the muscles and helps you squeeze and hold those muscles to make them work for you.  The rest-pause means you don’t just fire back up or release your legs, when you hit the climax of the exercise you want to rest (contacting the muscle) pause for a second and then begin the negative fall.  Don’t just use your momentum to get through the reps, we are here to work, so make those legs WORK.  Commit 2B Fit!