2 Week Workout Plan Day 3: Triceps, Legs, and Abs.  Today we will focus on our Triceps, Legs, and Abs making sure to follow good form and work hard.  Every day is a new day so training hard is always important, but training smart is a key element to seeing results.  If you are new to working out please watch the video below to get yourself familiar with what you will be doing today. Below is a meal plan that you can follow or use for guidance during this two week workout plan.  It is always important to drink plenty of water and follow a good nutrition plan to see optimal results.  Always consult with your Physician before starting any new programs.  Remember, results will vary and we are all built differently.  Let’s get started. 

2 Week Workout Plan: Day 3 Video

2 Week Workout Plan Day 3:Triceps Legs Abs

4 Sets: 15 Reps Each ExerciseWeekly workout plan

Printable workout Day 3 Triceps Legs Abs

Meal Plan-1250 calories

  • Breakfast-1/4 cup oatmeal measured dry, 1 scoop protein powder with water
  • Lunch-2/3 cup lentils, 3 oz roasted chicken breast, 10 asparagus spears, 1.5 cups melon
  • Dinner-3 oz white fish, 2 cups broccoli w/ 2tsp butter
  • snack-1 string cheese, 1 scoop protein powder with water, 1 medium apple