Alright all you dedicated Summertime Slim Down friends I hope you had a great day of active rest yesterday, but today we are back at it hammering our Biceps and working our Abs.  Today we are going to do 5 bicep exercises and 2 ab exercises.  For each bicep exercise we are still doing 4 sets of 15 reps, but when we do our abs we will be increasing the rep.  Try and stay focused, work hard and be proud of everything you do.  Lifting weights is not easy especially if you are not familiar or comfortable at a gym, but you are out there doing it and that is all that counts.  So push yourself, and remember none of us are perfect, so try your best and that is all I ask.  Get your pre-workout drink in and go blow those biceps up. Make sure to get plenty of hydration in throughout your workout and day and make smart eating choices.

Today for cardio:  Stairclimber for 45 minutes.