Welcome back from a much deserved day off of weights, I hope you have had some great workouts so far this week and that it doesn’t stop now.  We are going to hammer our legs today with supersets.  Same as the beginning of the week, we will be dong 4sets, 15reps but we are supersetting, so that means we will do 2 exercises back to back of 15 reps and then rest which makes one set, repeat 3 more times.   Supersets really get the blood flowing, the heart pumping and your legs are going to thank you later.  Make sure to get your pre-workout drink in and stay nice and hydrated.  Today I was unable to drink my post workout shake after lifting because I was so beat from the workout and I didn’t want to throw up,(don’t worry you will be fine) so I drank it as soon as I finished up with my cardio.  Don’t skip our on your wall twist in the squat position and try to do 150 reps without resting. 

Cardio: 45 minutes on the treadmill changing the speed and incline every 5 minutes and walking backwards on an incline the last 5 minutes to really hit the glutes.