Time to celebrate and make your season merry and bright.  A non-alcoholic drink delicious for any age, start a new tradition with this healthy Twinkle Cranberry Holiday Punch.  



Rocking around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas Party hop!  All things fun and festive need a little twinkle to keep the party going, and this Cranberry Holiday Punch does just the trick.  Packed full of nutrient rich cranberries, vitamin rich oranges, and a little bubbly, the youngest to the oldest can enjoy in ringing in the new year.  We all love a healthy alternative to those high calorie punches and cocktails, so why not enjoy this one.  So quick and easy to make, 4 simple ingredients will get this Twinkle Cranberry Holiday Punch to the party.

Weather you choose to use ginger ale or club soda your guest will be in a merry fit-miss mood knowing they can indulge in this Twinkle Cranberry Holiday Punch until the ball drops and new years resolutions are made.  

So raise your class under the mistletoe and keep your party rocking and rolling.  Serve up this Twinkle Cranberry Holiday Punch and ring in the holidays the healthy way.  xoxo


Twinkle Cranberry Holiday Punch
Serves 15
Celebrate, eat, drink, and be Cran-Merry!
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  1. 1-64oz bottle of northland cranberry 100% juice
  2. 2-cups orange juice
  3. 2-cups ginger ale ten (or club soda)
  4. whole cranberries and orange slices
Lets Party
  1. Combine Cranberry juice and orange juice in large punch bowl.
  2. Gently stir in ginger ale (or club soda) just before serving.
  3. Garnish with whole cranberries and orange slices. Bottoms up!
Adapted from Northland
Adapted from Northland
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