I thought it was time to get another full body dumbbell workout going that is quick to do and will give you a great workout without spending hours at the gym, PLUS it can be done in the privacy of your own home if you have dumbbells of your own!  There are 2 exercises for each body part and you will do 2 sets or each exercise of 15 reps.  Now of course you can do more sets and reps if you want or less, this is just a guide to help you along your workout journey.  I hope this will help and inspire you to get moving and stay fit throughout the holidays.  This is a great workout that can be done before work, after work, or during a busy day running kids around.  Also don’t forget to get proper supplements that you may be lacking in your day to day meals.  So much of our food is processed and is depleted of all the good nutrients, so by taking good, proper supplements we can get those nutrients back into our bodies that we are lacking.  

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